Co-op model vital to NZ

The cooperative business model has stood the test of time and thrives worldwide; New Zealand is an outstanding example of…

NZ wins from trade deals

The question many people are asking is, 'which trade deal will it be: the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPPA) or the…

Make your vote count

When you exercise your vote in the local body elections in October, make it count towards candidates who understand the…

Whanau for the curators

Professional wine and beverage service is one of the key factors for the success of the New Zealand Hospitality sector.

Time to move on! — Editorial

Now that Silver Fern Farms' farmer shareholders have voted resoundingly, for the second time, in favour of the merger with…

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The Hound

Who’s responsible?

This old mutt is perturbed to hear of Lincoln University’s precarious financial state.


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Wool market firm

Wool market firm

The South Island auction comprising 4900 bales had a 74% clearance with most types remaining stable.

Rural Life

Ozone in the vineyard

The word ozone conjures up images of big holes in the atmosphere, stronger UV light, the risk of severe sunburn…

Drones versus birds

Drones may soon be joining the armoury of weapons used to scare birds away from ripening grapes  after a trial…